ubuntu post-installation trouble

Until about an hour ago , my operating system was Zenwalk 5.2 . I liked it at first , but then things started to go wrong . As I installed some packages ( with netpkg ) , other apps ( that worked ) , just stopped working . I don’t know , maybe it’s something I did wrong .

Anyway , I had configured global hotkeys/shortcuts for amarok , specifically alt and up arrow to increase amarok’s volume , and alt and down arrow to decrease the volume . Everytime I used those hotkeys , the system just froze . I was using XFCE as my environment .

So , because I had enough reboots already , I decided to go back to ubuntu ( specifically xubuntu ) . I decided to keep my partitions just the way they were . I downloaded an iso , and I burned it . The installation went ok , but after I restarted and booted into ubuntu , errors started to pop-up . KDE said something about a session error , then Gnome said about the same thing , and then I was taken to something that looked like xterm.

I thinked about this , and this is what I think the problem was :

  • Zenwalk must have left some configuration files left on my /home partition

So , I thought , if I remove those , I should be greeted with something like an “instalation succesful” screen . Or at least something like that . After executing ls -al , a lot of hidden files and directories popped up . So , because my bash kung-fu sucks , I wrote a script that would remove all the hidden files and folders from /home :

require "find"

Find.find("/home/your_user") do |file|
  if(file =~/\/\./)
    system("rm -rf \"#{file}\"")

It turns out, I was right ! After the script finished , I rebooted and everything worked . Maybe this will help you if you turn up in the same situation .

2 Responses to “ubuntu post-installation trouble”

  1. July 19, 2009 at 10:11

    In bash, that would be:

    rm -fr ~/.*

  2. June 17, 2012 at 21:32

    Thanks for script!

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