day 1 with never gymless

Apparently, I’m in much worse shape than I have thought before!

I haven’t trained seriously in 3 years, and I promised myself that things need to change. Back then, I was able to do 50 pushups/set,and about 100 squats/set. Now, after 2 sets of 20 pushups , my hands are shaking … bad ! I seem to be able to endure the squats, but the pushups, oh boy, they’re killing me ! I’m sure tommorow my hands will be so sore .

Oh well, I guess I should have been expecting this, but I was living with the impression that if I could do 50 pushups/set once, I would be able to do them anytime. Big surprise? Not really.

I wasn’t able to complete all the exercises in the day 1 for beginners, I did a little more than half. What can I say? Use it or lose it!Everyone has to (re)start somewhere, right?

I’ll post the results from day 2 tommorow.


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