i’m learning web development

In the past few weeks, I had many job offers. All of them were related to web design/web application development. Because my web skills are pretty much non-existent, I had to turn them down.

So, in an effort to become a better developer, I’m learning webpy as a web framework, and mootools as a javascript framework.

Because I don’t want to be reading books and tutorials related to building “web skills”, I decided to learn them by writing an application. I decided to write a microblogging application. Things are going somewhat well … I have a textarea that “resembles” the ones used in this kind of applications ( somewhat functional ). I still have a long way to go, and I’m pretty excited.


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  1. 1 itsmaryam
    March 13, 2009 at 10:29

    Reading the above post about learning web development,i must say that web development is a vast field and many web design company to create custom web site design is a major decision for their business aspect.Software development creates or converts the objective and marketing goal of user into a fine software application, giving additional value and growth to the user’s demands.
    So for learning web development, we first need to study different framework i.e. web2.0 framework.and mootools as a javascript framework.

    Through Web 2.0 development, it is easy for developer to make code simple and easy,it is a high-level frameworks, where we can just put an event handler on a div tag and become hip, and that might all be well.Like all new developments, Web 2.0 will eventually stabilize and become useful, but right now it seems like innovation for innovation’s sake.So through web 2.0 and others high level frameworks, where developers get benefit and more learning from it.
    See the below link:


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