finding size of directories

I wanted to find out the size taken by some directories in a given folder. I didn’t like what du gave me, so I wrote this script :

require "find"

# directory we want to list size for
where = ARGV[0]
# open it
Dir.open(where) do |dir|
	# iterate
	dir.each do |subfile|		
		# get a full path
		subfile = File.join(where,subfile)
		# initialize this to 0 for each new file
		size = 0
		# test to see if it's a directory
		if File.directory?(subfile)
			# if it's a dir, we need to add the size of each of the files there
			Find.find(subfile) do |file|
				# skip if it's a dir
				next if File.directory?(file)
				# add the size
				# we rescue this, because some files might be locked
				size += File.stat(file).size rescue 0
			# this is a regular file, we initialize size to this file's size
			size = File.stat(subfile).size rescue 0
		# we print
		puts "size for #{subfile} is %.2f MB" % (size/(1024.0*1024.0))


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