flash for linux sucks

I really hate the Linux Flash Player. Something’s gone very wrong with it … people have been complaining about it all those years, but to no result. It’s 2009, and this is still an issue. Hard to believe, right? I don’t find it normal for my web browser to be taking up 100% of my CPU. Sorry, this just isn’t right. This “implementation” makes a whole system unstable. Why haven’t we achieved something all these years?

From this point on, I’m disabling Flash on my browser. I recommend the following firefox addon for doing this : Flashblock. I’ll only allow necessary content to run.

2 Responses to “flash for linux sucks”

  1. 1 Jean Pierre Rupp
    March 28, 2010 at 18:09

    I have disabled Flash on my browser, and use Totem’s Youtube plugin to watch vídeos. I rarely have to enable Flash for anything, but I still keep the plugin.

    It’s best to disable the plugin entirely as a way to show web authors that Flash is undesired. If sites probe for Flash and don’t find it in a significant number of machines, this generates pressure for web authors not to implement Flash.

    Flash has been all but completely obsoleted by new standards-friendly technologies like scriptable SVG, that are well supported in browsers like Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox, but not Internet Explorer, one of the many reasons not to use Microsoft’s browser.

    The web is meant to be accessible by a multitude of devices, like screen readers, smartphones, dumb phones, search engines, spiders, and who knows what the future can bring us, and that’s why standards exist. So beyond niche applications like games, Flash should not be used, since it impairs interoperability, and disrespect standards.

    Flash helps Adobe to monopolize the web via their propietary technology. Internet users and developers with respect for standards and incremental develpment should avoid Flash.

    Having said all this, there’s still some nich for Flash, as a platform to run games and similar applications, but only when it can’t be achieved using web standards. HTML5 should help freeing most of the web from Flash content.

    Flash is not Open Source Software, and although the plugin is avalable for most operating systems, it’s non-Windows implementations are slow and bug-ridden. Source code for Flash is unavailable to developers outside Adobe, so users are at the mercy of Adobe. Some open source implementations aim for full Adobe Flash compatibility, but it is a very difficult task to reverse engineer and re-implement bug-for-bug.

  2. 2 Paul Grins
    April 30, 2012 at 03:44

    I’ve also had many problems with Flash in Ubuntu 12.04. For some reason it hogs over 125 MB of memory just doing absolutely nothing and sitting idle. Browsing is slower with it and Firefox crashes too many times with Flash to justify it. HTML5 video works like a charm in Linux and actually gives much better performance than in Windows or on the Mac. With Linux just stick to standards that are usually developed on and deployed via Linux, such as OpenGL, WebGL and WebM, etc…

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