my language of choice

My “language of choice” title was always disputed between perl, ruby, python and java. About two months ago I decided to give up on perl.

I still use ruby for a lot of code, because I noticed that I can build prototypes way faster in ruby than in any other language. The downside of ruby is that I don’t like the way modules are. I don’t like the fact that I can’t import only some functions, and the fact that ruby doesn’t have first class functions. It’s probably just me, but I can’t seem to write extensible/maintainable code in ruby .

I’m using java @ work and for personal projects. It’s the language I learned OOP and design patterns on, but it’s too verbose, and the guys from Sun don’t like change. When will Java have more cool features ?

This leaves me with python. I like that python has first class functions, I like how you can only import certain stuff from python files. I’m not developing stuff as fast as in ruby, but, in the long run, I noticed I can reuse more code. So, go python!


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