I don’t really like Linux anymore

I’m trying to find a good, stable Linux distribution that offers :
– pppoe networking support out-of-the-box ( a.k.a I want the pppoeconf binary to exist )
– NO COMPIZ! NO 3D NOTHING! Those things made Linux the unstable operating system it is today.
– X server that doesn’t take 40% of the CPU.

About 5 years ago, EVERY distribution was VERY stable. They all let you go on with your work. You didn’t have to wait 4-5 seconds so that the desktop gets repainted.

To go back to those times, I’m downloading Fedora 9. If it won’t provide the stability I need, I’ll try Fedora 8. If that still doesn’t provide it, I’ll try 7 and so on.

Stable Linux, we want you back.


2 Responses to “I don’t really like Linux anymore”

  1. 1 hernan43
    July 2, 2009 at 22:42

    What about something like Gentoo(http://www.gentoo.org/) or Slackware(http://www.slackware.com) or RockLinux(http://www.rocklinux.org/wiki/Main_Page)? They seem to offer a greater degree of control when it comes to what gets installed by default.

    Some of them also tout their stellar stability record.

    • 2 geo
      July 3, 2009 at 07:48

      I used slackware in the past, and I was pleased with it. I decided to give Fedora 11 a try, and so far, it seems pretty good. I’ll put slackware next on my list. Thanks!

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