recursive directory walker using jython

Several months ago I wrote a post related to creating a recursive directory walker in Python. We did not make use of os.walk. While playing with Jython I thought it would be nice to write an equivalent. Here’s what I have :

from java.io import File
import sys

class FileWalker(object):
	def walk(dir,cbf):
	    files = dir.listFiles()
	    for file in files:
	        if file.isDirectory():
	walk = staticmethod(walk)

def list_file(file):
    print "saw %s" % file

if __name__ == "__main__":

I think the code is pretty straight-forward. If you’re familiar with Java even a little bit, I’m sure you can understand what’ s going on in here. You should know that the callback function isn’t receiving a string as it’s parameter ( as the first version of the walker did ) . This one receives a Java File object, which means you have access to all the methods present in the File class.

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