django generate json

An approach to generating custom JSON from your objects, mostly a repost of http://theoephraim.com/2011/04/json-encoding-custom-django-models/:

from django.utils.simplejson import JSONEncoder

class CustomObjectEncoder(JSONEncoder):
	def default(self, obj):
		if isinstance(obj,MyModel):
			return obj.to_dict()
		return JSONEncoder.default(self, obj)

class MyModel(models.Model):
  # how our custom json will look like
  def to_dict(self):
    return {"id":self.id,"label":self.name,"value":self.name}

# view that generates json
def autocomplete(request):
  mimetype = "application/javascript"
  # need to call list, because querysets are not serializable
  data = list(MyModel.objects.all())
  return HttpResponse(CustomObjectEncoder().encode(data),mimetype)


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