rails sublayout

I wanted to display a tag cloud, only for a controller named Snippets. I asked on StackOverflow first, but the question didn’t receive many views ( maybe because if I would have read the documentation better, I would have found the answer 🙂 ). Anyway, here’s how I accomplished that:

In the Snippets controller, I added:

layout "snippets"

In the application layout, I added:

<% if content_for?(:tag_cloud) %>
	<%= content_for(:tag_cloud) %>
<% end %>

I created a snippets layout, and I added this inside it:

<%= content_for(:tag_cloud) do %>
	<%= content_tag :div,:class => "span-24" do %>
		<%= render "shared/tag_cloud" %>
	<% end %>
<% end %>	
<%= render :file => "layouts/application" %>


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