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3d modelling

Apparently, a mouse is very important in Blender.

I forgot mine @home 🙂


some blender thoughts

2 years ago I needed a cube model for an application. After googling for information I got to a site that explained how to create them using vertices/triangle strips. I suck at maths/geometry, so that looked like a complicated process to me.
I did my best to understand them, but I failed miserably. All I had was some code I copy-pasted, code I didn’t understand. So, I started to look for alternatives. I discovered that models created in tools like Maya or 3D Studio Max could be imported and used. Since I didn’t have either of those, I looked for something open-source. That’s how I found Blender. After reading some available documentation, and watching some user-contributed videos, I was able to obtain a cube that looked the way I wanted it to.
Even though I wasn’t able to finish the app, I made a note to self that I should learn Blender. I think the day has come that I should do that. I think this new set of skills would be useful for a large number of things ( think game development ), or maybe develop your creative side more.
Cool? You bet.

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