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flash for linux sucks

I really hate the Linux Flash Player. Something’s gone very wrong with it … people have been complaining about it all those years, but to no result. It’s 2009, and this is still an issue. Hard to believe, right? I don’t find it normal for my web browser to be taking up 100% of my CPU. Sorry, this just isn’t right. This “implementation” makes a whole system unstable. Why haven’t we achieved something all these years?

From this point on, I’m disabling Flash on my browser. I recommend the following firefox addon for doing this : Flashblock. I’ll only allow necessary content to run.


having no internet connection = productivity

For the past couple of days I had no internet access. It’s been strange, I haven’t experienced this in a long time.

I was very productive these days, I was able to work on my “advanced” ruby text-editor, and I made a pretty good progress. Let me tell you why I think people should try to limit the internet “connectivity”:

  • at the beginning of a new project, you know what documentation you need to get the job done. You could download that, and access the internet ONLY when/if you get stuck. After solving the problem, disconnect 🙂 , and carry on with other tasks.
  • you’re wasting WAY to much time with twitter/facebook/myspace/insert social network name here. You could be working in this time, and you could get the job done. After you’ve done this, you can login again.

The internet is too big a distraction, and I think you’ve noticed. Do something about it.

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