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game thoughts

I was thinking about game design today, and I think it wouldn’t be fun to play a game you coded. I mean, you’d know everything the game “hides”, you would know every secret.


getting the thirst back

About 5 years ago, I didn’t have a 24/7 Internet connection. I was the very proud ( for real ) owner of a 3-4KB/s dial-up connection. I was charged by the hour, but most of my time was spent collecting tutorials, guides, references. I was reading everything computer related, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

5 years later, I have a permanent ( pretty high-speed ) internet connection. I know of sites like stackoverflow, there are a lot of blogs that teach you a great deal , but the “thirst for knowledge” is missing. I’m multitasking a pretty large number of tasks, I mean, I’m even watching movies with the window covering only half of the screen, so that I could do stuff in the other half. Ironically, this blog post is written this way.

When I’m reading a book ( and they’re all computer related ), or better said, reading through a book, I’m only interested in the code snippets. Everything else, is lorem ipsum like for me. If I can’t get going with the snippets only, I read a bit of the text. I never get to read a whole book this days.

If I’m thinking this through, this may be the reason why for the past 5-6 months, I haven’t picked up any new skills, haven’t learned to use any new framework… my skills remained constant. This is not a good thing from my perspective, and it’s a habit that has to change.

My conclusion is that multitasking is a skill computers should have, and not one people should try to get. I’ll try to make an effort to change, and if I succeed in doing this, I’m sure my kung-fu will become better.

Good luck me!

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