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deploy vc++ 2005 executable

If you want to deploy a VC++ 2005 executable on a computer that doesn’t have VisualStudio installed, or the Visual C++ Redistributable Package, copy from the following folder of your VisualStudio’s installation:Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\redist\x86\Microsoft.VC80.CRT\ everything, in the same directory as your executable.

Basically, put these files:

  1. Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest
  2. msvcm80.dll
  3. msvcp80.dll
  4. msvcr80.dll


changing the folder view in explorer

If you want the changes made to a folder’s view to apply to all other folders as well, go to Tools->Folder Options->View and click on Apply to all folders.


windows font cache

If you have some application that uses fonts installed in C:\windows\fonts, and you delete some of them ( the fonts ), but you see the application still sees them as existing, know that there is a cache Windows creates in C:\Windows\System32\fntcache.dat. Most likely, they come from there.


windows’s scheduled tasks

There could come a time when you need to schedule some tasks to be executed by Windows at a certain period of time. Try to use the wizard over the at command line. I had to debug some script for about two hours yesterday because of that. The script I scheduled to be run by at was ran by network service or local system ( can’t remember which ) , and it didn’t have the proper permissions. I only found that by running :

at hh:mm /interactive cmd.exe

At the specified hour, this will start a command prompt where you can run your command as the local system.

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