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Lost. Endgame.

I am in shock. I cannot believe Lost has finally ended. It’s been 5 hours already, and all I’m doing is reading blog posts, opinions about the finale.
Truly, it has been the most memorable show I have ever seen.



from lost

I really like the episode “The life and death of Jeremy Bentham”. These particular lines caught my attention :

LOCKE: What happened to her?

ABADDON: She died of a brain aneurysm. I'm very sorry, Mr. Locke.

LOCKE: She loved me. If I had just... [sighs] we could've been together.

ABADDON: Maybe you could have. That wouldn't change anything. She'd still be gone.

LOCKE: Would she?

ABADDON: Helen is where she's supposed to be. As sad as it is, her path led here. And your path, no matter what you did or what you do, your path leads back to the Island.

LOCKE: You say that like it's all det--inevitable. 

The lines were taken from here

More and more, I tend to agree with Abaddon. It’s inevitable.

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